Fetishes and fetishism – strange, but wildly desirable!

Fetishes and fetishism strange, but wildly desirable! Public Flashing

If you like spicy entertainment – then you should find out where it all started and how the world history of fetishes in the world developed! And if you are ready to move from theory to practice, then I invite you to fetishes.cam – a portal for lovers of all the most unusual. 

A fetish is a passionate attraction to someone or something, as well as to a completely specific type of sexual practice. And for many, sex is possible only when the conditions of their fetish are met – only then does sex brings them sufficient excitement. 

And if your partner has told you that absolutely certain things excite him, you should take it seriously, because otherwise, you may even break up. 

How to understand that you are a fetishist? 

You’ve tried role-playing, bondage, tried to play domination or even invited another couple for sex. You and your partner liked it, the practice was exciting, and you like to remember it, but… It was only 1-2 times, and the rest of the time you enjoy quite ordinary sex, right? Then you are not a fetishist, and fetishes are not about you. You just love experiments and it’s cool!

If you can’t imagine sex without contemplating naked female legs, or vice versa, a girl should be in high heels to excite you enough. You accept only anal sex, you are excited by female domination and whips! And what can become a desirable object of fetishism? 

Arousal from certain parts of the body, odors, even bodily fluids, and special clothing. This is what we call fetishism, and for you, we have created the website fetishes.cam! And yes, we openly talk about what is so sexy in a particular passion. We are even ready to share personal stories, as well as ask questions to our readers!

Fetishes and special sexual practices have always existed. In ancient times, people were more relaxed, so you can see bas-reliefs and statues, paintings and images of people who… engaged in group sex, practiced female domination, caressed each other’s legs, and much more. 

And this is our history as a civilization, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Marquis De Sade and his stories, Sacher Masoch’s novel, the Kama Sutra, Roman mosaics – people did not hide fetishes, they were proud of them.

One very unusual scientific experiment 

It all started with Dr. Justin Lemiller, who conducted a completely unimaginable experiment that proved that fetishes and sexual arousal are tightly connected. 

Fetishes and fetishism strange, but wildly desirable! Public Flashing

The doctor took 40 young male rats that had never mated with females before. Half of them were dressed up in special little jackets and offered to mate with females. The other half mated, let’s say, naked, mated without jackets. 

Thus, 9 sexual acts were performed in two groups of rats. And for the 10th time, Dr. Justin Lemiller stripped the clothed males and dressed the undressed ones. An interesting fact is that all 20 males who are used to mating without clothes successfully coped and dressed. 

But, at the same time, all 20 males who had sex 9 times in jackets simply could not do anything with the females until they were dressed up in jackets again! 

They could no longer imagine sex without their little jackets, and how they were taken away – sexual activity dropped to zero! So, fetishes exist, and they sit in our heads much deeper than they may seem to us. 

Don’t worry, not a single male or female rat was harmed during the experiment, and in the end, everyone had fun the way they liked it best. 

Strange, but they really exist 

On our website fetishes.cam you will find 69 categories – enough to satisfy all the requests of our users. And if you still haven’t found your favorite fetish, write to us and we will fix it. We do not just talk about what and how in the world of sexual entertainment, but also give practical tips and links, introduce the best web models on the Internet, and publish interesting facts and whole user guides! 

We talk about the most popular fetishes: Foot Fetish Cams, Hairypussy Cams, Webcam Humulation, and much more. But there are passions in the world that even we didn’t know about: 

  • Actirastia. Sexual attraction to the sun; 
  • Agalmatophilia. Attraction to statues; 
  • Anastimaphilia. Attraction to dwarfs or giants; 
  • Autogynephilia. The excitement of seeing yourself in a women’s clothing. 

Very often we get questions on the forum from our readers and newcomers. And we are grateful to them for their advice, which often becomes the basis for new interesting topics of discussion. You can also send us your ideas and tips, or even write us your question! 

  • Dacrifilia. The excitement of seeing tears and crying; 
  • Hybristophilia. Attraction to criminals;
  • Formicophilia. Attraction to insects; 
  • Frotterism. The excitement of touching strangers secretly in a public place. 

The most important thing is that we do not condemn anyone, and we do not set boundaries (except for what is prohibited by law). And we are ready to explore the topic of fetishism with you, even if you like: 

  • Masochism. The excitement of experiencing physical; 
  • Nasolinguus. The excitement of sucking someone else’s nose; 
  • Partialism. Attraction to certain parts of the body (but not the genitals).

Can we call fetishes the “norm”? 

Norm is a very vague concept when it comes to sexual arousal. Is vaginal sex the norm or not? And as for oral sex – it is worth considering this type of sexual play from the norm, given that nature has endowed us with genitals specifically for reproduction. And love for women’s legs or admiration for only very large boobs can be considered the norm? 

Fetishes and fetishism strange, but wildly desirable! Public Flashing

Unfortunately, today people are often limited by social opinion. Remember the experiment with rats? Many of them would have been doomed to a sad life if they weren’t allowed to mate in their jackets again. 
If your fetish does not harm anyone, you know and follow all the rules and safety standards, but why should you be shy about your desires? And we at fetishes.cam will tell you how they can be implemented.

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