No panties hottysjourney: On a bench pantiesless

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No panties hottysjourney: On a bench pantiesless Public Flashing

One thought on “No panties hottysjourney: On a bench pantiesless”

  1. I had a woman in my life once, that wore less than what this beautiful lady is wearing, anywhere, every day. She was perfectly groomed, and definately wasn't shy; the shape, color, and size, of every inch of her body was beautifully visable beneith most of her scanty clothing. She wouldn't hesitate to call someone out, if their comment was rude, and remind them that "God made me this way".
    We traveled back and forth across country for a few years for business, until we decided to start a family, and she did not wear clothing while traveling; no A.C. back then. Made life real interesting when we stopped for gas or food. She found a cute "poncho" that she would wear that some thought was a bit sheer, when we stopped for food or gas. Her shape thru it was was visable, but you couldn't tell the difference between her butt or her belly. Her skin was as "smooth as a babies butt". No hair, except for her head. Restruants were very interesting, wearing that poncho. She was an very intellegent individual, who ate only "GOOD" food, no drugs, no alcohol, and was usually without clothing when not working. She had two daughters, me, one. Some people were bold enough to challenge her, especially if they felt that living this way was not the decent thing to do, with children in the picture.. She was never rude, but knew how to put them in their place.
    She is no longer of this Earth, blessing us with a wonderful daughter that she never really knew, dying during child birth. My daughter is now a Mother, who I raised pretty much alone, and she carried on her Mothers' habit of being bassically nude as she grew up. I can't remember how many times I chased her down the sidewalk without clothes.
    I remarried when she was in her early teens, gaining two step daughters. The three of them were then 11,12, and 13, my daughter being the 13 year old.( it turned into a very interesting part of my life) It took almost a year to get all three of them on the same week-end. The wife and I took full advantage of the situation to celebrate our "freedom". She had planned a week-end of much needed rest, and some time to re-connect by going out for a special dinner, and being basically lazy over the week-end. We will call her "Barb". The Friday afternoon they left, we jumped in the shower together for a long over-due re-connection. When we got out of the shower, we dried each other off, and she said" except for our out of the house activities" this is the way we are going to be all week-end, private back yard included." She then went to a closet and started pulling out clothing I had never seen before. She showed me a new dress, and said " I saw this months ago, and knew that there would come a time when I could wear it to dinner with just you. I took she slip out of it, and will wear it alone, because I knew we would get a night together without kids at some point, and wanted it to be a memorable event for us". She placed her arm up inside the dress, and it was as sheer as sheer window drapes. Every feature of her body would be defiined as if she was standing there nude!( I do enjoy her nude, being my best friend and lover), but I almost fell over! She then pulled out a pair of white, Linen slacks, and said "these are for you". She handed them to me, and said "put them on by themselves. I think I'm going to like them on you." So I did. When I stood in front of the full length mirror, they were as sheer as her dress. I couldn't beleive that she had planned this intentially, in secret, setting up an evening, both of us being , basically nude in public, but had to admit that it might be an interesting evening.
    I had no words, for this, but knew that she must really be in love wiith me to want to "share" all of "US" with the World, and thought about just where we might be going, so I asked her. She said, I've been planning this for months, and looked at about a dozen places, visiting the places when you were weren't around, and it took a bit, but I got it done.
    Friday arrived, and all three of the girls left with their "Other Mothers" for the weekend., so we hit the shower, together. We spent the rest of the afternoon, basically nude, checking out the private back yard and getting some Sun to dry off, then heading in for a cold beer. We spent the rest of the day, rattlng around the house, nude and getting reaquainted.
    The next day was crazy, because we chose to "play" Friday night, and be "bums" in and around the house and back yard nude until it was a time to go to bed. Saturday morning came around, and we paniced for just a moment, because the house was dead silent. This morning, was the first time since we married, that there were no children around, so we stayed "in bed" for about two hours, acting like "Honeymooners.
    We got up for good, late morning, enjoying a "communual" shower, then for the first time, began enjoying each other without children, clothes, or a "DO List". After many hours of communal company, we got started on the "DO LIST" and thought about what the evening was going to be like.
    Around 6 PM we started to get ready for our evening of luxury, getting dressed for our "special" evening, and just having another childless day together. In less than two hours, we will be two horney adults, flashing total strangers and having the time of our lives.
    Dinner reservations were for 9 PM, to miss the "Silver" crowd, and we enjoyed the drive in our "party" clothes, hoping the light wouldn't be too reveiling to our outfits once we arrived. When we arrived, and were seated, off of the traffic lanes, but not in a corner, where we could enjoy each others apparel. We were just off of a main route to and from the kitchen, with the bar being behind us. We were expecting a good crowd, and weren't disapointed at all. Once Barbs dress and my slacks were discovered, the traffic increased some, which was what we had hoped for. Once the waiters and cocktail women got around us, the traffic increased even more. We spent the next two hours, enjoying the company of Waitresses, Bar maids and two hosts, one man, one woman, as all stopped by, to make sure everything was fine (it was). Barbs nipples were the center of attention, extreamly visable, even in the dim light, thru the sheer dress. At some point, it was time to use the restroom, so I would see how much attention my linen slacks got as I made my way across the dining area. Upon my return to the table, Barb told me that three of the waitresses, wanted to know where they could get a pair of the slacks, I was wearing, for their significant others. She told them, then asked each one of them to stop by and compliment me on my attire. As dinner progressed, the time came when Barb needed to make a pit stop, and left the table to do so. As the evening progressed, a number of waitresses came by as instructed, and told me how "HOT" my slacks were, and they couldn't wait to get a pair for their hubbies. The head waiter stopped by and discovered my slacks, then asked where I had found the dress Barb was wearing, and also my slacks. I told him he would need to ask her, because she never told me where she bought them. After Barb returned, the Head waiter came back and apologized, but said he needed to know where my slacks and her dress had come from, because he wanted a set for him and his wife. She told him.
    With dinner complete, we made our way home and trimmed each others "horns".
    The following morning, we got breakfast and showered, deciding to take some time to go get some Sun, in the private back yard, in the buff, since there were no children around until around 4 pm, a very rare event. We started around 11 am, getting the last of the morning Sun on our front sides, turning over to our "tummies". About 30 minutes later, we heard the screams of all three of the girls running towards us from the back door, ALL nude ! Being on our tummies helped reduce the stress, but why are they home ? They all plopped down on the blanket with us, and we asked why they were home so EARLY, and why did they deside to join us nude ? My daughter said, "well, we looked out the dining room picture window, when we couldn't find you in the house, and decided to come join the two of you, because it looked like fun, and you guys didn't have any clothes on, so why not"? I looked at Barb, and said, well fine, but what happens when its time to flip, or go in the house, because we don't even have a towel out here. Three young girls found out later that day, the difference between boys and girls.

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