The best public sex options with a hot granny

The best public sex options with a hot granny Public Flashing

It turns out that most gilfs don’t just like sex, they want to make it extra exciting, nasty, and as hot as possible! And real extreme women prefer to do this in public places, and even better if someone notices them. Why not try a doggy style where you can really be seen? And if you are turned on by dogging grannies, and you want to try sex with a 50+ lady, then there are a lot of places on the map of any city for it! Huge parking lots, night trips to gas stations, deserted places in the parks of your city. By the way, such maps for doggy style lovers in your city have already been compiled, and you can surprise your lady by taking her along a hot sexy route! 

Hot grannies want sex – it’s hard to refuse them! 

Gilfs want sex – it’s a fact, and most importantly, many of them really want extreme and interesting sex. They also agree to kink experiments that both will like. If you have met a nasty and wet granny, then be ready for the fact – ordinary sex in bed will not work! 

And why limit yourself, if you have so many opportunities to realize your dirtiest dreams? By the way, many grannies won’t mind if you take a friend or friends on a date with you! They can just watch, or they can join your first sex. And sex maps of cities with suitable places for dating have been compiled for a long time. You will be surprised to find out how many interesting places in your city are where you can have your outdoor sex. 

Public sex and flashing points  

Here are some tips on where it will be convenient for you to have sex if apartments and hotels are not for your couple! And if someone notices you, it doesn’t matter – many mature ladies like to flash their naked ass and tits in front of the public. So, you met a sexy mature woman on the Internet, and you want to try everything at once as soon as possible. We have some ideas for you about where you can spend your first date and get to know each other better! 

The best public sex options with a hot granny Public Flashing

Large parking lots in front of shopping malls

This is a real paradise for granny upskirt pics lovers. You can drive somewhere to the very edge of the parking lot, and have sex without even getting out of the car. Dogging is ideal here – the most comfortable pose that allows you to enjoy all the holes of a hot granny at once. And she can flash her bare ass!

And if she is brave enough, she won’t even have to hide on the edge of the parking lot. Someone noticed you – it will only add a degree of excitement. Be prepared that someone will want to join you because a flashing ass or tits in the car window is always a beacon for those who love extreme sexual entertainment. 

Gas stations during the night 

Have you decided to have a first date in the evening or at night? Left to meet each other after a short texting and contacts exchange? Then welcome to the gas stations – there are not many people on the roads at night, and you will be able to retire. There are many more opportunities to meet the interested audience, but it doesn’t matter. 

And after the first sex, you can already chat at the gas station cafe over a cup of coffee, discuss impressions, and in general – get acquainted. There are always a lot of people at large gas stations in the middle of the day, and if this does not bother you, you can move to the next public level. But for your first date, an exciting night atmosphere is best ever suited. Neon signs, the smell of hot dogs, and the hot pussy of an excited mature lady who will happily meet you and warm you up. 


True connoisseurs of outdoor sex choose large city parks. Here you can experiment with poses because at your disposal are benches, tree trunks, and a variety of landscape options. If she loves doggy style, you won’t have any problems at all. Just put her on her knees where it’s more convenient for you – you’ll both like it.

The best public sex options with a hot granny Public Flashing

A picnic can grow into a juicy sexual adventure, nature and fresh air are always great! Call sexy grandma for a walk in the park, and you’ll find that she probably doesn’t have underwear at all! 


This is a reasonable continuation of walking near the water or swimming in summer. But in the cold season, the beaches become deserted and abandoned. And you may invite your mature lady even for a daytime sex date. The cold wind from the sea will not disturb lovers who are engaged in really hot sex. Don’t worry about your cock, it will never freeze in the skillful hands of gilf! 

By the way, if you have something to add – write to us! We will be happy to add new ideas and even stories from your practice to our list. Where do you like to invite a mature lover to have sex as soon as possible? 

Dogging with your mature lady

By the way, we noticed that mature ladies and grannies love the doggy style pose very much! After all, there is something primitive and even bestial when bending over and letting strangers have you in some wild public dogging, don’t you think so? Firstly, it is exciting when a woman is kneeling in front of you, and her ass is invitingly raised for you. Secondly, you can use both of her holes at once – and it’s very convenient. And if you brought a friend with you, then grandma will be able to pay attention to you and your friends’ cocks at the same time.  

For the grannies, dogging is a very pleasant sex experience, since in this situation you can watch her fucked by strangers, stimulating all the important spots on her. Many ladies admit that they used to like many perversions, but the older they get, the more they love dogging! Many indicate this kink as a favorite on their questionnaires on sites with sex contacts, so be prepared.

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