The best sex toy for women tested by college girl in PUBLIC!

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Some time ago a few members of our website got an idea to conduct an ultimate test of the best sex toys for women today. The idea was to go to some college dorm and find some girls 20 to 24 years old to test 10 different sex toys and to rate them all. After some planning we went to action. The first task was to get sex toys and, luckily, we realized the task pretty easy with a little help of our old friends from site. As there are a billion different types of toys we had to narrow down the options and we asked our friends to do that for us. After two days we got 10 world’s best dildos, 10 ultimate sex toys for women.
The best sex toy for women tested by college girl in PUBLIC! Public Flashing

Packed up and ready for adventure we headed up toward the California State University Los Angeles college dorm well known by the late nigh parties and open minded girls. Although we though it would be a really hard to do, girl from this college were pretty cooperative and it was easy to find 70 girls to test our sex toys. We gave them toys, the list of the toes and the points table. Now we just have to wait.

The girls were masturbating in public, on balconies, in cars, together with boyfriends and girlfriends, in groups, while watching porn and totally alone. And, after two months of masturbating, 70 girls voted and chose the best one. We got the winner, the ultimate sex toy for women. Its perfect size, perfect thickness and grip level make them girls to make in love with him. His name is Bath-Time Bunny Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator you want to know more about how it looks and all it’s features check out this place

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