How to Spice Up Your Sexual Life When You Are Rich and over 40?

People can get hangups about so many things in life, and one of these is turning 40! For some, this is a milestone that marks the end of being young and the arrival of middle-age. If this applies to you, don’t be downhearted. Think of that adage, ‘life begins at 40!’ If you find that difficult to take on board, we’re going to provide advice about maintaining peak levels of excitement – especially if you’re over 40 and rich.

How to Spice Up Your Sexual Life When You Are Rich and over 40? Public Flashing

Get Back into the Dating Game – Using Your Fingers!

The number one way to spice up your sex life is to go online. So when your other affluent friends invite you to a pool party or a popular nightspot, politely decline. Instead, stay at home, pour yourself a glass of wine, and check out a website dedicated to rich women looking for sex. After you’ve completed the easy registration process, you can sift through the profiles of guys keen to get together with cougars. Any of these sugar babies could turn out to be a hot addition to your private life! You can take advantage of all sorts of flirty shortcuts, such as sending a ‘wink’ to another site user or adding a ‘like’ to his profile. It’s a bit like going fishing – you bait the hook with erotic messages, then wait to snare your target! If your sense of attraction is reciprocated, you can start exchanging direct messages.

Keeping the Temperature Raised

Once you enter into a relationship, the worst thing that could happen would be becoming too relaxed in each other’s company. This might seem counter-intuitive, but complacency can result in taking a partner for granted. Far better to act spontaneously. If you’re 40 and rich, there would be nothing wrong with springing surprises, and spoiling your significant other. Plan a sexy break. Just imagine his face lighting up if you were to book an overnight stay at a spa hotel. Or a flirty weekend in London. Paris. New York. The list is endless, but each venue is guaranteed to get him hot under the collar with anticipation.

Pillow Talk and Sex Talk

When you’re alone in the bedroom, try to avoid the temptation to sink into each other’s arms after a sexy session. Whisper sweet nothings into his ear. Nibble at the earlobes. You might as well take advantage of the fact he’s young and virile by getting him aroused again. Sex talk is something you can indulge in at any time. You can drop him a text or email, generously dotted with suggestive hints about what you’d like to get up to when you’re together again. When you know he’s going to be at a business meeting, what about sending him some sexy emojis? Just imagine him squirming with embarrassment as you raise his blood pressure while his boss is droning on about figures on a PowerPoint display!

Make Your Passion Public

Outdoors encounters have always been a fabulous way of adding spice to your sex life. Why not plan a perfectly respectable picnic in a park? After savoring your refreshments, skulk into the undergrowth for some frolicking. To get you into the mood, chat about the salacious images you browsed through online, depicting cheeky individuals flashing in public. Then you could shed your clothes amongst the foliage, and abandon yourselves to the moment. Should you hear passers-by, you would just ensure you kept your encounter quiet. Unless you’d passed the point of no return, then that might prove difficult!

Variety Is the Spice of Your Sex Life

When it comes to sex, there are so many alternatives to the missionary position. Never fall into a routine where you assume you understand what each other prefers. You’ve probably only touched the surface! There would be nothing wrong in checking out online images and videos of cougars and cubs getting jiggy. This would set the scene for your scenarios. Introduce a bit of cosplay. How about BDSM? This is something you could commence with at a low level – talking dirty; maybe tying each other to the bedpost. The more confident you become, your inhibitions will naturally fade. So you’ll be considering erotic leather outfits, offset with kinky whips. Just remember to agree on the parameters of behavior, and introduce a safe word. Then you could add so much spice to the proceedings!

We’ve illustrated why being 40 should never be regarded as some sort of marker that indicates the start of a downward slope. The reverse is the case. The advent of digital dating has provided an entry point for rich and mature singles into a whole new dimension of erotic experiences. So consign disillusionment to one side, and embrace the possibilities offered by over-40s websites.

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