The 7 Safest Places to Have Sex in Public

Who says you can only have sex inside your bedroom? Having sex in public can be a bit tricky. But, if you choose safe places to have sex in public, the thrill and excitement that you will get will surely make you crave more. Yes, sex in public can be very exciting.

That is why while watching porn movies, you will find out that many of those movies are shot in public. It is more exciting than anything else. However, you have to be very careful about choosing the place where you intend to have sex in public.

Many times people choose the wrong places and as a result, they get caught and face legal actions for that. If you don’t want to face such consequences, then you have to be absolutely sure about the location you are choosing to have sex in public with your partner. 

The 7 Safest Places to Have Sex in Public Public Flashing

Now, if you think that choosing a location for public sex is easy, then you are very wrong. You have to know whether other people will be able to see you or not. You don’t have to worry about finding the safest places for public sex because we have already found seven of them for now.

  1. Your Balcony or Backyard

For those who are just looking to experience the idea of having sex in the open air or in public, they should always start things off from the comfort of their home. That is why the balcony in their apartment or the backyard of their home becomes a secluded and ideal spot where they can have sex. The thrill about this is you will be worried that someone might notice you even though you are in your home in a clean space and having erotic fun with your partner. 

  1. The Car

Yes, one of the safest places to have public sex is inside a car. You will have to park your car in a secluded area. And from there, you can easily start having sex inside the car. If you think the area is secluded enough, then you can get out of the car and have sex in open too. 

  1. The Hotel Room with Curtains Open

You might think that you cannot have the fun of having sex in public in a hotel room. But, you have to see the whole picture. Once you open the curtains of your hotel room, you will now have the excitement of anticipating someone watching you while you have sex there. 

  1. A Secluded Park

This is probably the best place to have sex in public. If it is a wooded area, then the thrill will go to a whole new level. Yes, you will have your heart beating because someone might appear from nowhere to spot you and your partner. But, you will have more fun too in such a place. 

  1. The Rooftop of Your Building

If you can go to the rooftop of your building, it can be the sexiest place to have sex in public. Yes, you will be thrilled to have sex like that and if you are doing it at night, things can be more exciting for you. There is no doubt you will have a great time while having sex in your rooftop. 

  1. A Secluded Beach

When it comes to having sex in public, how can we not mention a secluded beach? Most of the public porn videos are shot on secluded beaches. You will know about this idea when you go through porn sites and watch outdoor porn videos on beaches. The porn industry has used secluded beaches masterfully to give us a feel of how it might feel to have sex in public. 

  1. Inside a Tent

If you have never experienced sex inside a tent, then you will be missing out on something very exciting. The wilderness of the outside will increase the carnal desires of yours from the inside. It can be a great adventure for men and women to have sex inside a tent.

The Bottom Line

Finally, having sex in public is something that you will see pornstars in the industry doing regularly. But, you need to know that they have many people to help them in executing the scenes. But, you don’t have that backup. So, choose the spots we have given you and have fun while having sex in public safely.

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