Why does Sex Outdoors Feel So Good?

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Why does Sex Outdoors Feel So Good? Public Flashing

The most common and easiest place to have sex is in bed…. Which for many gets old real quick. That’s why so many people choose to have sex outdoors. Outdoor sex is becoming more and more common, and people cannot get enough of it. 

If you want to find out more about why sex outdoors feels so good and if there is anything that you can do to try and make the most out of your public nudity experience, then take a look below.

Sex and Changing things Up

In bed, sex is usually a given at some point and afterwards, people tend to fall asleep. When you have sex outdoors, however, you may feel far too invigorated or excited to go to bed right away. Some people love to do everything in bed and having sex outdoors is one of the best ways to leave your comfort zone. 

Awareness of change can sometimes generate an intense emotion. This could be something as simple as a burglar alarm going off when an intruder walks in, for example. Change is great at increasing sexual desire too. A new partner could well generate more sexual interest when compared to one that is familiar. 

Having a new location or a new atmosphere can do this. Even though having sex in a bed is somewhat comfortable, if you are in an established relationship, you may find that it becomes routine and that you end up repeating the same positions. During outdoor sex, both people will experience some element of adventure and risk, and this can help to rocket sexual desire.  

Outdoor sex can be very beneficial for established couples, and it can also increase excitement and a new bond with your partner. A large number of people love the idea but shy away from exploring outdoor sex but are still eager to try it after watching many hours of pornhub or even public VR porn where there is any number of kinky outdoor experiences in virtual reality. 

Casual Sex with Strangers

Casual sex is often seen to be a much more superficial experience. It tends to focus on the sexual release more than anything. Meeting a stranger on the train or even on a plane can increase the sense of desire but it can also help to rocket intimacy as well. 

Security and closeness are essential for intimacy and in new places where you are somewhat unknown, it can be easier for you to be yourself. You can have sex with a stranger, outdoors and then go your own way. You may never see each other again. 

This is ideal as the risk of getting hurt is lower and you also have an element of emotional disclosure too. Sex in a car is also immensely popular as it is very accessible, and it helps to give some element of privacy even though you are in a public setting. 

A lot of people will often say that their first most exciting sexual experience was in a car. Contrary to sex in a park, when you park your car in a deserted location, you have way less danger of exposure. After sex in a car, it is very easy for you to enjoy your time together. It is a convenient yet risk-free way for you to have fun, and it is just one of the many ways that having sex in a car is much more enjoyable.

There are different levels of privacy when you look at the public domain, and the more limited the privacy is, the more challenging or problematic the sex becomes.

Sex in the Woods

A lot of people like to have sex in the woods. A lot of people go running with their partner and they tend to find exciting places by rocks, under trees or anywhere with a bit of cover. 

Sex like this can be exciting and it can also be quite fast as well. Woods and beaches often have accessible locations that are ideal for casual or spontaneous sex. People can do whatever they want, and when you compare it to a cramped or crowded house, you will soon see that it gives you way more freedom. 

It has often been said that sex indoors was only for the rich, as they were the only ones who could afford the luxury of a private room. Everyone else had to have sex in the local forest. The great thing about outdoor sex and sex in nature is that it is ideal for stimulating your primal instincts and it also helps you to feel much more connected. Although sex outdoors takes place within the environment around you, it also means that you have to ignore the social environment around you. 

During outdoor sex, lovers do not care about others and instead they focus on themselves. It’s all about breaking social rules. Outdoor sex does not have to eliminate the value that comes with having sex in a bed at home, but it is ideal for adding a bit of exciting flavour to the act and it is also ideal when it comes to enhancing romantic intimacy.

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