Male Sex Toys with Remote Controls.

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If you want to remotely enjoy your toy in your home or with a partner with their finger on the button. These male sex toys can be an option for you.

If you’ve ever spent an extended period of time away from your partner or lover, you probably know how difficult it can be to maintain intimacy when erotic satisfaction and sensual touch are not provided, at no fault of your own, with miles and time zones between you both. 

Male Sex Toys with Remote Controls. Public Flashing

Thanks to sex tech, Fleshy Pro proximity doesn’t need to be the end all be all of the sexual connection to your person. Remote access to erotic sensation and unwaveringly great orgasms are not only a thing, they’ve become a staple in receiving and transmitting intimate touch through the internet or through a remote control. 

As the market demands more ways to be close to our partners at a distance (USD 31.4 billion was the sex tech market size in 2022, it’s only growing. Meaning: remote access sex toys are here to stay. 

Whatever suits your desire, there are long-distance sex toys out there with your specifications that can be operated by another somewhere else in the world. 

Some are discreet sex toys that can fit into your fanny pack, others may require you to check a bag. One thing is for sure, they all make long distances feel less long. 

Vibrating Masturbator on Call

How innovative has sex tech become, this toy from Getfleshy with that app-controlled assistance isn’t even the headline of a sex toy’s capabilities. 

This masturbation sleeve is designed for long-distance play by connection to the brand’s media player. The result is a synced VR experience and interactive play with your partner.

With the use of 3 suction intensities and 7 vibration functions along with 360° contractions, this product is the muscle car of long-distance sex toys. If that wasn’t appealing enough, the Max 2 can be controlled remotely via the Lovense Remote app or even sync with its companion rabbit-style vibrator Nora. How impressive is that?

A Wearable Vibrator Could Be Your Preference

The curvature of the Tiani Harmony is designed for all kinds of play. Solo, partnered, partnered at a distance. 

When worn, the internal piece is intended to press on the G-spot while the external stimulator can emit 10 powerful vibration settings across the outer genitalia. 

Wear by yourself for some hands-free pleasure or invite a partner to experience the sensation themselves during penetration. Connect to the app, to experience extra vibration patterns and direct pleasure through the toy’s dual motors while at a distance. 

Prostate Massager, Can Suit You Best

This L-shaped prostate massager is such an inconspicuous wishbone that even if it did fall from your carry-on, no one would clock it for its intended use. 

This is a dual-action sex toy with vibration transmitting onto the P-Spot through the bulb and also the perineum via the tapered external lip. 

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Consider this a rabbit-style anal toy for people with prostates and anal area. With an app, you or your partner can control the vibration settings from different continents or in the same room. 

Consider also the in-hand remote that can spark the two rumbly motors up to a 10-foot range. Consider this your opportunity to wear it to the hotel bar when no one is around.

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